Steering Board

Mandated by the AO Foundation Board, these Top Four are well-connected heavyweights in the orthopedic world. As AORecon's patrons they employ their excellent recon expertise and long years of AO involvement to represent the interests of AORecon within the AO Foundation.

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Education Forum

Nominated by the Steering Board, this group consists of key opinion leaders in the field of joint preservation and replacement. With visionary thinking and a deep understanding of the global needs, they take strategic leadership for AORecon's educational content.

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Curriculum Taskforces

Nominated by the Education Forum and supported by the AO Education Institute, there are currently three expert groups of arthroplasty surgeons who develop the educational content for different curriculum-based AORecon courses.

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Selected by the Education Forum, more than 250 renowned orthopedic experts engage in AORecon events to share their knowledge and to provide surgeons with excellent arthroplasty training to achieve most effective patient care worldwide.



With currently 4000 orthopedic surgeons who are registered with AORecon, our network is a growing community. Since our foundation in 2014, we have trained 600 course participants worldwide and reached more than 12,000 orthopedic surgeons with our educational events.



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