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AO Recon and the AO

What is the scope of AO Recon?

AO Recon develops and offers gold-standard education to the existing AO network as well as to a rapidly growing group of young talents who want to specialize in arthroplasty. The focus is currently on hip, knee, and shoulder, and is expected to gradually develop into other anatomical regions such as elbow, ankle, and wrist.

What prompted the AO to expand into arthroplasty?

In 2012, AO Trauma mandated the AO Education Institute (AO EI) to perform a thorough global needs analysis both inside and outside the AO network. One key message came across loud and clear: there is significant global demand for education in joint preservation and reconstruction. Current demographics and rising numbers of arthroplasty and periprosthetic fracture cases led to an explosion in demand, which existing resources were not able to meet.

How did AO Recon become what it is today?

In 2013, the AO Foundation Board empowered AO Recon to establish a two-year initiative specifically focused on joint preservation and replacement. In this short pilot phase, a strong network of key opinion leaders was built up, the most important orthopedic associations were won over, and numerous congress symposia and the first fee-based courses were held. At the end of the pilot, the AO Foundation Board affirmed AO Recon's importance and extended it through 2018.

In 2019, the AO Foundation Board elevated AO Recon to a clinical unit that complements the existing four clinical divisions—AO Trauma, AO Spine, AO CMF and AO VET—as an increasingly relevant specialty.

How does AO Recon work to support and further the AO's mission?

The AO's mission is promoting excellence in patient care and outcomes in trauma and musculoskeletal disorders. A central part of this involves investigating new opportunities to respond to changing patient needs and, within the scope of the AO's global activities, to address current topics such as joint preservation and replacement.

What are the interfaces with other AO clinical divisions (eg, AO Trauma)?

The AO mission is at the center of all our activities. Different parts of the AO join forces wherever there are promising synergies. AO Trauma and AO Recon offer joint symposia at congresses. Both are committed to delivering the highest quality education across the continuum of care, whether the treatment of choice is fixation or replacement. This makes particular sense on overlapping topics, especially periprosthetic fracture management. With a co-developed curriculum-based course in this field, AO Trauma and AO Recon introduced an educational offering that boasts a particularly holistic and highly interdisciplinary approach.

AO Recon activities

Which activities does AO Recon offer?

AO Recon offers educational events about joint preservation and replacement globally throughout the year taught by top-class faculty members. This includes curriculum courses with practical exercises, symposia, and online activities such as webinars and webcasts. In addition, AO Recon offers insight into current clinical topics in newsletters and is a valuable source of expert advice. Please check out our upcoming events.

How can I get involved?

AO Recon does not offer paid membership programs: you can access all AO Recon content free of charge. A simple registration is required to access some offerings—such as the topical newsletter "Surgical Insights". Please subscribe to our newsletter.

AO Recon faculty

How can I become an AO Recon faculty member?

We are always looking for high-profile experts from all over the world to engage in AO Recon educational activities. We have established prerequisites and criteria and formalized the selection process. If you feel you meet these requirements and are interested in being part of our or would like to nominate a colleague, please complete the application form and send us an email.

What unites all faculty members?

The AO spirit is a mixture of camaraderie and excellence. Many key opinion leaders in arthroplasty share positive experiences of their involvement in the AO. From their early years of residency throughout their subsequent careers, these surgeons are highly motivated to contribute to the common mission. AO Recon has set out to extend the AO spirit into the whole spectrum of orthopedic surgery and currently attracts many new faces to the AO world.

How are AO Recon faculty members reimbursed for their effort and work?

AO Recon builds on the AO philosophy of surgeons volunteering their time for our common cause. Therefore, existing AO reimbursement systems are applied in the same manner as in the clinical divisions.

Our valued partner

What is the relationship between AO Recon and DePuy Synthes, a Johnson & Johnson Group company?

As with the AO's clinical divisions, AO Recon welcomes DePuy Synthes' support, and is proud that the partnership includes complete independence for AO Recon on educational content.

Like the rest of the AO, AO Recon focuses on surgical principles and techniques, not on products. Where implants are needed to demonstrate surgical procedures, AO Technical Commission Approved products may be used.

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