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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about AORecon.

Role of AORecon within the AO Foundation

What is the reason for the AO Foundation to expand into arthroplasty?

In 2012, AOTrauma mandated the AO Education Institute to perform a thorough global needs analysis within and outside the AO network. Among other findings there was a key message from the network that education in joint preservation and reconstruction is highly sought after worldwide. Learn more: AOEI GLOBAL NEEDS ANALYSIS

How does AORecon fit into the AO Foundation's mission statement?

The AO Foundation's mission is promoting excellence in patient care and outcomes in trauma and musculoskeletal disorders, which includes the mandate to investigate in opportunities to address topics such as joint preservation and replacement in its global activities as well.

What is the scope of AORecon?

AORecon is set up to develop and offer gold-standard educational and networking offerings to the existing AO network and to potentially interested HCPs in the area of joint preservation and replacement. The initial focus lies on hip and knee, but also includes shoulder and at eventually, will evolve towards elbow, ankle and wrist.

What is the AO Foundation's roadmap for AORecon?

In 2013, the AO Foundation Board mandated AORecon to establish a two-year initiative to specifically focus on joint preservation and replacement. This successful pilot, addressing an emerging global need, brought together key opinion leaders as well as hosted educational activities. At the end of the pilot, the AO Foundation Board affirmed AORecon's relevance, and extended it until 2018. Currently, strategies are being developed to embed AORecon into the AO Foundation.

What are the interfaces to other AO Clinical Divisions (eg AOTrauma)?

AORecon is a complimentary program addressing areas in orthopedic surgery in which the AO has either no or only limited activities at this time. The concept for AORecon is to start with high quality educational offerings in the field of arthroplasty and to subsequently cover areas of joint preservation in a holistic approach to the topic. Wherever feasible, AORecon liaises with AOTrauma for initiatives on common ground. For example, a joint task force focusing on Periprosthetic Fracture Management was started in 2016.


Industrial partnership

What is the role of the industry partner in this project?

For the first two phases, the AO has entered a specific partnership agreement with DePuy Synthes outside of the scope of current activities and partnerships. Similar to other AO Clinical Divisions, the industrial partner supports the initiative from a budgetary and logistics point of view, but has no say in the content decision making.

How will the AO Foundation deal with liability issues, eg, if an implant has to be recalled?

Unlike in other AO courses, there are no plans at this point to use AOTK approved implants for AORecon activities. Also, there is no collaborative development of total joints between the AO Foundation and its industrial partner. The AORecon educational offering focuses on the medical and surgical principles of joint preservation and arthroplasty—this situation is no different from AOTrauma, AOSpine, AOCMF, AOVET and AONeuro education.


AORecon faculty

How are AORecon Faculty reimbursed for their effort and work?

AORecon builds on the traditional AO philosophy of voluntary contribution from surgeons. Consequently, existing AO reimbursement systems are applied in the same manner as the clinical divisions, eg AOTrauma.

How can surgeons who have not gone through the AO path live the AO spirit?

The AO spirit can be defined by the combination of comradery and excellence. It can only be lived by those who have experienced it. In fact, many arthroplasty key opinion leaders look back to earlier involvement in the AO and have a history of attending AO courses in their early years of residency. Those surgeons who have been identified as Key Opinion Leaders and are now involved in AORecon by bringing in their expertise, are highly motivated to contribute to AORecon in the AO way. AORecon has set out to extend the AO spirit into the whole spectrum of orthopedic surgery and attracts many new faces to the AO world.

How can I become an AORecon Faculty?

We are permanently looking for high-profile experts from all over the world to engage in AORecon educational activies. Therefore we have defined PREREQUISITES AND CRITERIA and formalized the SELECTION PROCESS. If you feel to be an eligible candidate to carry on with our mission or would like to nominate a colleague, please fill the APPLICATION FORM and send us an EMAIL.


AORecon activities

Which activities does AORecon offer?

AORecon provides educational events on joint preservation and replacement globally, throughout the year, with a top-class faculty. Currently, AORecon offers curriculum courses (without practical exercises at this point), symposia and latterly, online activities such as webinars and webcasts. Further information about upcoming events can be found HERE.

How can I be involved?

Furthermore, the AORecon website offers newsletter access and a unique opportunity to ask renowned experts for their opinion. MORE INFORMATION
At this point, there is however no membership program like the AOTrauma, AOSpine, AOCMF and AOVET memberships. Please SIGN UP for the newsletter, if you would like to stay informed about the AORecon activities.




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