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March 2018

Gap balancing versus measured resection in TKA

There are ongoing controversial debates on the best way to attain accurate femoral component rotation and soft tissue balancing in total knee arthroplasty (TKA). This newsletter introduces a series of articles examining both gap balancing and measured resection and provides an overview of AORecon's upcoming events.

October 2017

Limb-length discrepancy in THA: prevention, management, and dysplasia patients

Leg-length discrepancy is one of the most commonly occurring problems in total hip arthroplasty. When this complication arises, many patients are unhappy with the outcome of their treatment. This newsletter addresses how to prevent and manage this issue, as well as offers an update on AORecon’s present and future activities.

December 2016

Taper corrosion: risks, tools for diagnosis and surgical strategies

Corrosion at the taper joint constitutes a challenging, multi-factorial problem. It is certainly much-discussed amongst orthopedic experts as modular taper connections are highly appreciated for their surgical flexibility. This newsletter shines a spotlight on the topic from historical, diagnostic and surgical perspectives.

December 2015

The Asian knee: special surgical considerations

In keeping with the strong focus on Asia, this newsletter is dedicated to total knee arthroplasty in the Asian population. In this area, some research has been done to date, but there is still a long way to go.

November 2014

Global high quality education in arthroplasty

This first edition focuses on the key target of the AORecon initiative: high quality education. Because the primary focus of AORecon is arthroplasty and this discipline is not being widely evaluated by the AO Clinical Divisions, the focus of this newsletter lies on needs and options within the field of arthroplasty, taking into account the vast diversity of demographic, social, and other influences in countries across the globe.


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