United Arab Emirates | Dubai | 17 October 2018

AORecon Webinar:
The Difficult Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty

Accessible from all over the world, AORecon held a live educational session to present, discuss, and give instant advice on the topic. Participants gained remote access to firsthand knowledge from world-renowned experts who answered their questions in real-time.


  • Identify patients at risk for poor outcomes and increased complications
  • Identify knees at risk
  • Set up a preoperative analysis
  • Choose the appropriate surgical strategy
  • Reduce the potential for the most frequent complications

Event details

Presenter: Jean-Noël Argenson, France
Chat moderator: Mahmoud Abdel Karim, Egypt


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Date17 October 2018

Chair(s) Jean-Noël Argenson


Topic(s)replacement, trauma

Number of seats1000

ContactSina Henrichs

AO Excellence

A group of experts within the field of arthroplasty have gathered to form the AORecon Education Forum. They develop curricula, plan all educational events listed on this page, and address hot topics in our Surgical Insights section.


The AORecon Education Forum is deeply involved in the curriculum development for AORecon while the AO Education Institute's process and principles apply in order to develop a needs-based educational portfolio. Learn more about Curriculum Development of the AO Education Institute.


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