Germany | Berlin | 23 - 24 October 2019

AO Recon Symposium—AO Recon at DKOU—Total Joint Arthroplasty and Periprosthetic Fractures

Wednesday, October 23











Current Trends in Primary TKR

Chaired by Bas Masri (Canada) & Carsten Perka (Germany)

Mechanical vs Kinematic alignment in TKR

The role of cementless fixation in TKR

Advances in surgical navigation in TKR

The robot is the future for TKR

TKA as primary treatment for fractures around the knee joint

Role of Enhanced Poly in TKR

Allergy in TKR? Is it real and what should we do?

Discussion 20 min


Georg Matziolis (Germany)

Don Garbuz (Canada)

Michael Tanzer (Canada)

Fares Haddad (UK)

John Antoniou (Canada)

Michael Tanzer (Canada)

Robert Hube (Germany) 











Complications after TKR

Chaired by Don Garbuz (Canada) & Andreas Halder (Germany)

Algorithm for the TKA with occult pain

Role of Debridement and Irrigation in the infected TKR

One stage vs two stage exchange for chronic infection

Antibiotic selection in the infected TKR

Management of femoral periprosthetic fractures

Patellofemoral Complications in TKR

Reconstruction of bone stock in revision TKR

Discussion 20 min


Thomas Sculco (USA)

Fares Haddad (UK)

Bas Masri (Canada)

Andrej Trampuz (Germany)

Don Garbuz (Canada)

John Antoniou (Canada)

Bas Masri (Canada)










Trends in Primary THR

Chaired by Rudi Ascherl (Germany) & John Antoniou (Canada)

Tips and tricks for the direct anterior approach

What is the role of resurfacing in 2019

Is there still a need for different cementless fixation options?

What is the optimal position of the acetabular component

When do I use Dual Mobility Cups

Understanding the influence of spinal motion on THR stability

Enhanced Technologies in THR



Paul Beaule (Canada)

John Antoniou (Canada)

Friedrich Böttner (Germany)

Heiko Reichel (Germany)

Michael Tanzer (Canada)

Georgi Wassilew (Germany)

Fares Haddad (UK)










Management of complications in THA

Chaired by Klaus-Peter Günther (DE) & Paul Beaulé (CA)

Tribocorrosion in THR

The role of two-stage exchange for infection in my practice

The role of one stage exchange for infection in my practice

An algorithm for management of periprosthetic fractures

Periprosthetic fractures in infected THR

Revision THR for femoral periprosthetic fractures

Result of Revision THR for Adverse reaction to metal debris



Michael Morlock (Germany)

Paul Beaule (Canada)

Rüdiger von Eisenhart-Rothe

Bas Masri (Canada)

Michael Müller (Germany)

Paul Beaule (Canada)

Don Garbuz (Canada)



Thursday, October 24

11:00-12:30 AO Trauma/AO Recon Periprosthetic Fractures of the Knee  

Chaired by Daniel Berry (USA) & Fares Haddad (UK)

Optimizing the patient journey

Risk factors and classification of periprosthetic fractures  

Tips and tricks for revision arthroplasty

The correct technique for osteosynthesis 

Discussion of the talks  

Case discussion  


Robert Hube (Germany)

Francesco Benazzo (Italy)

Jean-Noël Argenson (France)

Karl Stoffel (Switzerland)

Fares Haddad UK)

Daniel Berry (USA)



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