Croatia | Rijeka | 04 - 06 April 2019

AOTrauma/AORecon Course:
Comprehensive Periprosthetic Fracture Management of the Hip and Knee


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Date04 - 06 April 2019

Anatomyhip, knee

Topic(s)revision, trauma

Practical exercisespre-op templating, anatomical specimens

ContactGeorge Clay


Each AORecon course includes hands-on simulation experience for participants. Various types of practical exercises enrich the course events and increase the learning effect.

AO Excellence

In the Education Forum a group of arthroplasty experts develop AORecon's educational offerings based on the needs around the world. They are also responsible for the content of our newsletter on clinical topics.


An AO curriculum follows a systematic, patient-centered approach: Desired patient outcomes define necessary competencies, and these in turn define specific learning objectives.

Learn more about the the AO's curriculum development.

With the support of the AO Education Institute, AORecon has developed such curricula from which three courses have been derived. Another curriculum on shoulder specific issues is on its way.

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