10 May 2017

Participants take a closer look on a patient's x-ray to follow the faculty's explanations.

Outstanding educational experience in Marseille

The event mostly attracted orthopedic surgeons with at least five years of relevant experience, who frequently perform joint replacements in their daily practice. Correspondingly, the expectations among the 40 participants were high.

A total of 33 short lectures, to provide a big picture

The high-profile faculty board included notable expert surgeons of international standing, who provided top-level education. Chaired by Jean-Noël Argenson (FR) and Fares Haddad (UK), the two-day course was divided into seven modules, to allow a well-structured transfer of knowledge.

Each module commenced with 4-5 short lectures that addressed different aspects of the key topics. A fairly wide time slot for questions and answer followed. The course finished with small group case discussions, where concrete cases were thoroughly examined.

those who know more, crave more

According to the positive feedback on-site, and the results of the post course online evaluation, the participants' high expectations were fully met. A total of 60% of the participants considered the course "very effective," and 40% "extremely effective." The course also received a phenomenal 100% recommendation rate.

Particularly impressive was the outcome of the post-course self-assessment evaluation. As expected, participants rated their level of competence higher after the course, yet they also strongly expressed their desire to continue to learn more. This proves the old adage once again: “He who knows more, craves for more.”


Jean-Noël Argenson
Fares Haddad
University Hospital of Marseille
University College London Hospitals

Faculty board

Francesco Benazzo
David Dalury
Xavier Flecher
Sebastien Parratte
Carsten Perka
Gijs van Hellemondt
University Hospital of Pavia
Towson Orthopaedic Associates
University Hospital of Marseille
University Hospital of Marseille
Charité University Hospital of Berlin
Sint Maartenskliniek

Course content

  1. Perioperative Management of Complex Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty
    Patient evaluation and diagnostics, decision making, managing expectations, blood and pain management, and avoiding complications
  2. The Difficult Primary Hip
    Restoration of hip biomechanics, THA planning, choice of approach, dealing with modified frontal and sagittal offset, and dealing with dysplastic and post-traumatic hips
  3. The Difficult Primary Knee
    Choice of approach, stiff knee, severe varus/valgus deformities, and fixed flexion contracture
  4. Revision Hip Arthroplasty
    Indications for unstable hip arthroplasty, technique for revision, implant removal, acetabular/femoral bone loss, and leg-length discrepancy
  5. Revision Knee Arthroplasty
    Indications for revision, extra-articular deformity, bony reconstitution, and choice of constraint
  6. Complex Hip and Knee Arthroplasty
    Periprosthetic fractures, post-osteotomy TKA, unicompartmental knee arthroplasty, and new technology
  7. The Infected Hip and Knee Arthroplasty
    Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment options

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Participants are engrossed in a case discussion.
Surprisingly, only half of the participants were French. The others came from all over Europe, except two participants from Saudi Arabia, and one even from Costa Rica.
Small but exquisite selection of high-ranking experts, from left to right: Sebastien Parratte (FR), Jean-Noël Argenson (FR), Francesco Benazzo (IT), Carsten Perka (DE), Fares Haddad (UK), Xavier Flecher (FR), David Dalury (US).

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