03 December 2017

Local chairperson Chris Frey (ZA).

AORecon at SICOT—How to prevent and manage periprosthetic joint infection

A personal review by chairperson Chris Frey:

The room is packed. All seats are taken. Delegates stand in double rows at the back. No doubt that there is a huge desire for knowledge on arthroplasty. And an AO event is definitely a magnet for orthopedic and trauma surgeons.

This is the second time that I have the great pleasure to co-chair an AORecon meeting with Fares Haddad from the UK. The topic: infection after arthroplasty—a devastating complication for the patient as well as for the surgeon. Nobody wants to have an infection after arthroplasty but if you have one, you have sleepless nights.

The talks were brilliant. They were structured from prevention, clinical presentation, and diagnosis to the pros and cons of the various treatment option, DAIR debridement, antibiotics and implant retention, one-stage and two-stage revision.   

I was excited to introduce this high-powered faculty—all experts in the field of infection: the young and dynamic Oliver Borens from Lausanne, a man with one of the largest research facilities; Carsten Perka from the world renown Charité in Berlin, the perfect English-speaking French Jean-Noël Argenson from Marseille and the very humble and down-to-earth Fares Haddad from London. 

I am grateful for the AO for financing this symposium and sending these speakers to Cape Town. I am also extremely thankful for the speakers for taking the time to come all the way, especially as they had to fly back the same day.

This symposium was greatly appreciated by the delegates. Where in the world do you have the opportunity to listen to experts talking in unbiased and non-product-driven ways about a relevant topic? These kinds of symposia make the congress great. This is what delegates come for.

Thank you,
Chris Frey




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Engrossed in a conversation with a symposium participant: faculty member Oliver Borens (CH).
AORecon symposium faculty (from left to right): Carsten Perka (DE), Oliver Borens (CH), Jean-Noël Argenson (FR), Fares Haddad (UK), Chris Frey (ZA).

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