06 October 2017

A distinguished audience of experienced surgeons follows the discussions.

The University of British Columbia (UBC) welcomes AORecon in Vancouver

Brilliant local faculty, including Steven MacDonald, and international heavyweights like Dan Berry (US), Bas Masri (CA), Michael Huo (US) and Gijs van Hellemondt (NL), offered a full day of excellent talks around the topic. The event was targeted at experts, so participants were orthopedic surgeons with long experience, mainly performing joint replacements as decision-making primary surgeons.

According to the subsequent online survey, the event was well-received by the discerning audience. "Excellent" was one of the most-used expressions in the free text evaluation which we find very motivating in regard of future events in Canada.



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The crooked tree represents the spine of a child with scoliosis being held together by a totem pole that, in respect to the First Nations, represents the aboriginal heritage of British Columbia.

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