23 May 2018

AORecon Skills Lab Development Workshop, Dübendorf (CH), September 2017

Defining new standards—AORecon in the AO Foundation's 2017 Annual Report

In 2017, AORecon upgraded its educational content and expanded its global activities.
Constructive feedback from participants and increased event requests from surgeons and
societies have reaffirmed the need for AORecon’s educational offerings.

Educational events

AORecon offered eleven curriculum courses to 600 surgeons with specific training on
different levels. In total, AORecon reached around 3,000 surgeons at 22 educational events,
including eight major congresses and society meetings such as the COA, ASIA, AAOT, and

Content development

AORecon updated its Principles Course and developed two new curriculum courses
at advanced level: a course on complex hip and knee arthroplasty and, in collaboration
with AOTrauma, a course on periprosthetic fracture management. Furthermore,
AORecon advanced its content development in the fields of shoulder arthroplasty and
joint preservation.

Hands-on experience

To introduce what the AO Foundation is otherwise so well-known for, AORecon
created various practical exercises and developed the AORecon Skills Lab with multiple
stations to let participants practice basic hip and knee replacement skills. Having
taken another leap forward, AORecon is now at the threshold of becoming an
inherent part of the AO Foundation, thus further fulfilling its vision and mission.

Future outlook

  • Increase reach of educational formats and content
  • Develop, offer, and promote digital education delivery
  • Foster AORecon faculty and offer expanded faculty support




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