02 July 2018

Boris Šteňo (SK): Alignment for a tibial cut

AORecon Skills Lab premiers in Hungary

Being an outstanding surgeon involves a diverse skillset. Hands-on training is particularly valuable in the orthopedic world to prepare health care professionals for the operating room. AORecon and the AO Education Institute have worked hard to design and engineer a Skills Lab to meet this vital need.

A regional course for Central Eastern Europe

Participants of the two-day AORecon Course Principles of Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty were able to benefit from this new educational opportunity. Hungarian participants were joined by surgeons from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, and Croatia; meaning that this first AORecon Skills Lab was an event that had tangible regional impact.

Learning by doing

The eight stations focus on specific skills needed to successfully see through joint replacement procedures to completion. Four stations are dedicated to the hip and four to the knee. At each station, course participants perform and reflect a surgical step under instruction from the expert faculty leading that session.

Great faculty and a special guest

The course was led by international chairperson and member of the AORecon Curriculum Taskforce Luigi Zagra, an eminent surgeon known for his teaching, and local chairperson Kálmán Tóth, a highly dedicated and respected orthopedic surgeon. The chairpersons handpicked some of the best in their field to join their faculty team: Thus, the tutors provided both professional expertise and teaching excellence.

It was Endre Varga who gave the opening speech, a special honor for AORecon as he is not only a world-renowned surgeon but also a member of the AO Foundation Assembly of Trustees, the highest body within the AO Foundation.

Next course in Bulgaria

Participants were enthusiastic about both the course content, and the high quality of our faculty. In their feedback, they mentioned that the lectures were highly valuable and useful for their practice. The next Principles Course in Central Eastern Europe will take place in Bulgaria mid of September.


More Images

Reaming the acetabulum
Milan Pastucha (CZ): Reaming the acetabulum
Boris Šteňo (SK): Reaming the acetabulum and inserting a cup
Kálmán Tóth (HU): Inserting a cup
Luigi Zagra (IT) and Boris Šteňo (CZ): Reaming the acetabulum
Preparing the femur
Luigi Zagra (IT) and Tibor Gunther (HU): Preparing the femur and inserting a stem (1)
Luigi Zagra (IT) and Tibor Gunther (HU): Preparing the femur and inserting a stem (2)
Plamen Kinov (BG) and Luigi Zagra (IT): Safe screw insertion
Safe screw insertion
Jozef Almási (SK): Templating exercise for total hip arthroplasty
Alignment for a tibial cut
AORecon Skills Lab material
Case discussions

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