11 November 2013

Faculty at the AORecon Day at COA

AORecon day at the COA congress in Beijing

Building on the success of AOTrauma Day and AOSpine Day held every year since 2011 at the Chinese Orthopaedic Association (COA), the AO Foundation created an educational event to instruct surgeons on basic principles of hip and knee arthroplasty surgery. This seminar entitled "AORecon Day" took place on November 7, 2013, the first day of the COA. Under the leadership of Norbert Haas, Past-President of the AO Foundation and Pierre Hoffmeyer, past member of the AO Foundation Board, a panel of eleven international and two local arthroplasty faculty experts was assembled for the seminar.

Over 1,000 Chinese orthopedic surgeons gathered in a conference room at the China National Convention Centre (CNCC) for an entire day which was broken into one morning and one afternoon session. Both sessions were mirrored to provide participants with the same exposure to the topics of hip and knee.

The morning session was dedicated to adult hip arthroplasty with Zhang Xianlong (China) from Shanghai No. 6 Hospital moderating alongside Norbert Haas (Germany). Luigi Zagra (Italy) discussed indications, making clear that there are currently no agreed-upon universal indications. Fares Haddad (UK) reviewed the current and historical surgical approaches. Bas Masri (Canada) appraised the bearing surfaces controversy. Robin Peter (Switzerland) promoted pre-operative planning, a basic principle that permeates all AO teaching. Pierre Hoffmeyer (Switzerland) contrasted partial and total hip replacement. Peter Chiu (Hong Kong) talked about femoral and acetabular bone defects. Norbert Haas presented an exposé on periprosthetic fractures around hip implants.

The afternoon session was dedicated to adult knee arthroplasty principles with Zhou Yixin (China) from Beijing JST Hospital moderating alongside Pierre Hoffmeyer (Switzerland). Carsten Perka (Germany) gave an overview of indications for total knee replacement. His key message was to talk to the patients to establish their expectations. Chris Dodd (UK) looked at the surgical approaches. Jean-Noël Argenson (France) commented on what it takes for the bony cuts to be successful. Gijs van Hellemondt (Netherlands) delivered a strong message about proper soft tissue balancing. Peter Chiu asked the audience about whether or not to resurface the patella. Jaime Quintero (Columbia), AO Foundation President, gave the closing remarks.

There is significant interest and need for principles teaching on hip and knee arthroplasty surgery in China. This was clear from the session and faculty discussions with participants. The AO Foundation congratulates all and thanks the faculty for their participation in this highly successful event and looks forward to COA 2014 in Beijing.​​​​




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AORecon Faculty engaged in a discussion period with the audience
Over 1,000 Chinese surgeons attended the inaugural AORecon Day at the COA
Peter Chiu (Hong Kong) addressing the audience
Zhou Yixin (Beijing JST Hospital) and Zhang Xianlong (Shanghai No. 6 Hospital) getting ready for the morning session on basic principles in knee arthroplasty
Zhang Xianlong (Shanghai No. 6 Hospital) moderating one of the sessions
More than 1,000 participants followed the talks.

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