02 September 2014

AO Recon not only focuses on joint replacement, but also techniques and procedures that aim at preserving joints.

The AO Recon initiative—an update

There is no global association focusing on joint preservation and replacement and as a result the level and quality of education varies vastly from country to country in this field. Based on a survey by the AO Education Institute, there is a strong need for education in this area.

In November 2013, AO Recon celebrated its debut event at the annual meeting of the Chinese Orthopaedic Association in Beijing. Since then, a pilot project was launched and our website went live. Further educational events will take place in the last quarter of 2014, while a first curriculum is being developed.

The goal of AO Recon is to expand the AO activities within the AO Foundation's vision of improving patient care in the field of musculoskeletal disorders. After the successful debut event focusing on joint replacement, AO Recon decided to approach this expansion of AO activities from the far end, prioritizing arthroplasty as a first step and move towards joint preservation and existing AO activities as a second step at a later stage.

At the AO Trustees Meeting in June 2014, it became clear that the AO Recon project had already evolved to the point where the planned expansion of activities can commence. Leveraging the vast joint preservation experience within AO Trauma, experts in the field will be involved in creating a basis for expert symposia that will include topics such as osteotomies, arthroscopy, etc. This allows for a close collaboration between trauma and orthopedic surgeons in order to strive to fulfill the AO Foundation's vision.


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