27 November 2014

Global needs analysis

The AOTrauma Education Commission (AOTEC) analyzed the responses of 4,316 participants in the 2012 Global Needs Assessment survey, with some surprising results.

In 2012 the AOTrauma Education Commission (AOTEC), led by Chairperson Kodi Kojima and the regional members, initiated a Global Needs Analysis survey. The intent was to gather information from community members about what kind of surgery they practice predominantly, what phase of their careers they are in, and above all, provide a place where surgeons could communicate their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) needs.

The 4,316 respondents came from every region and country where AO offers education; their responses confirmed many of our priorities. They also identified several emerging trends and related opportunities that could be pursued through future development of our organization. The input received will also play a key role in strategic planning.

We are listening

In response to the question, "Which topics are of most interest to you for educational activities during the next year?", there were hundreds of open text responses of: hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, and wrist arthroplasty, as well as complications (aseptic loosening, infection, etc), and arthroscopic surgery.

A preference for a widening of the educational channels was expressed, with an emphasis on an increased number of webinars, courses, online education and expert consultation. It was also recognized that there is a need for tailoring educational assets with accessibility in mind (eg, language, timing).

The data travels

The raw data has been passed to relevant educational taskforces in all subspecialties, and regional and national education committees. These groups are conducting additional in-depth analysis to ensure every corner of AOTrauma will evolve to actively meet the needs of our community.


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Overview of responses globally

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Kodi Kojima, Chairperson, AOTrauma Education Commission

Wa'el Taha, Curriculum Development Expedition Leader, AOTrauma Education

AOTEC members: Peter Brink, Mark Reilly, Carlos Dominguez Barrios Morales, Wilson Li, Mahmoud Odat, with support from the Regional Chairpersons and President of AO North America

Development of the survey instrument: Rick Buckley, Peter Brink, Don Moore


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