27 November 2014

AO Recon education

AO Recon aims to provide quality medical education to surgeons who need to be continually updated about the latest developments in joint preservation and replacement procedures.

Global exchange of information

Operating under the umbrella of the internationally known AO Foundation, AO Recon is well positioned to facilitate exchanges between surgeons in countries where joint replacement has been performed for some time, and countries where the procedures and technologies are relatively new. Utilizing the organization's unique understanding of surgical education AO Recon is developing diverse, targeted educational offerings, such as:

  • Courses
  • Dedicated published papers
  • Interactive videos
  • Webinars
  • Facilitation of direct exchange among surgeons

Role of experts

Drawing on the rich experience of experts in the field is a hallmark of the AO Foundation. AO Recon is making a concerted effort to mine the knowledge of key opinion leaders, instruct on surgical technique and help with teaching how and when to best use implants and instrumentation.

Educational content

AO Recon is diligently working towards the delivery of educational content that falls into two categories:

  1. Knowledge that provides an intellectual framework on which to base treatment options, clinical decisions, and patient management
  2. Surgical skills

There are a number of global AO Recon events taking place in 2014 and 2015. These symposia offer an introduction to the high caliber expertise intrinsic to our organization. Together with this newsletter and an informative website they constitute just some of our tools to communicate current trends in the field of joint preservation and reconstruction.

Sound governance navigates us towards these goals. This governance is supplied by the AO Recon Steering Board, a group of respected and well-known AO surgeons. Their enthusiastic commitment to growing our organization is profound and well received.

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