25 April 2016

Chris Frey, Fares Haddad, Carsten Perka and Michael Huo involved in a lively debate with the audience

First-ever AOTrauma-AORecon symposium at COMOC in Cape Town

At the 13th meeting of the combined orthopedic associations spanning the English-speaking world in Cape Town, South Africa, the AO Foundation held a one-day symposium to kick-off a strong collaboration between AOTrauma and AORecon. While an Education Task Force for periprosthetic fractures is still being formed—and will consist of two AOTrauma and two AORecon representatives—joint events at selected congresses around the world are already being organized.

Truth and reconciliation

At the event, the day started with AOTrauma Europe. This included a "truth and reconciliation" session, which was named after and inspired by South African historical events that took place in the 1990s. In this session, pleadings for treatment options for a trauma case were held.

Periprosthetic fractures around the hip and knee

After the discussion—and many fruitful conversations among the faculty and participants during the tea break—Brian Bernstein introduced Chris Frey to kick-off the first AOTrauma/AORecon session on periprosthetic fractures around the hip and knee. Frey moderated the session, where Norbert Haas, Fares Haddad, Michael Huo and Carsten Perka presented, in addition to Frey presenting on fixation solutions for periprosthetic fractures in both the hip and knee.

Complex knee arthroplasty problems

The afternoon was dedicated to complex knee arthroplasty problems, and was chaired by Bas Masri, as well as Rob McLennan-Smith, President of the South African Arthroplasty Society. In this session, four controversial topics were presented and discussed: patellofemoral replacement, unicondylar replacement, one versus two-stage revision after infection, and trabecular metal versus allograft.

The discussion time was intensely used by the audience, and many comments were made. These covered the potential sources of anterior pain and the psychological versus implant-related factors causing it, and how rigid a surgeon should or can be in terms of soft-tissue salvage after infection. The most controversial discussion was based on Haddad's pleading for a one stage exchange after infection.

A platform for joint preservation and replacement

Frey thanked the AO Foundation for creating a platform for joint preservation and replacement through the launch of AORecon. Haddad, Huo, and Perka also highlighted at the beginning of their presentations their motivation and engagement for symposia that cover the common ground between trauma and arthroplasty.

AORecon would like to thank all who contributed to this unique event by organizing, chairing, presenting, and engaging in the discussions.



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Pleased by the great success of the first joint event and looking forward to the future collaboration of AOTrauma and AORecon: Chris Frey, Cynthia Stampfli, Carsten Perka, Iain McFadyen, Fares Haddad, Norbert Haas, Brian Bernstein and Kevin Smith
The overwhelming interest led to high attendance.
Norbert Haas, Past President of the AO Foundation, introducing AORecon with the goal to improve patient care in joint preservation and replacement.
Questions from the audience initiated interesting discussions and enriched the event
Around 100 visitors took the opportunity to participate in the symposium and to address questions to a high-profile panel of international faculty

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