13 June 2016

Symposium participants follow Luigi Zagra's explanations how to approach in case of a loose stem.

AOTrauma and AORecon collaboration marks another milestone at EFORT in Geneva

During the 90 minute joint session, periprosthetic fractures—one of the most central coinciding topics between trauma and arthroplasty—was addressed by world renowned leaders in both subspecialties, including Pierre Hoffmeyer, Keith Mayo, Carsten Perka, Karl Stoffel, and Luigi Zagra.

Moderated by Hoffmeyer, the session provided an in-depth and thorough insight into periprosthetic fractures after THA, including risks and challenges, outlook, management, and complications.

The session’s presentations were followed by complex case discussions, where various questions raised by the audience led to lively debates and an active exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Despite the time slot being early in the morning, the room was filled with participants, reconfirming  interest in the topic and the success of the AOTrauma and AORecon cooperation.



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Pierre Hoffmeyer welcomes the participants and introduces the dense agenda of the 90-minute symposium.
In his speech Karl Stoffel shows an overview of epidemiology, risk factors and challenges of periprosthetic hip fractures and gives an outlook on the future development.
Keith Mayo concentrates on periprosthetic fractures around the acetabulum.
Luigi Zagra focusses on periprosthetic fractures around the femur.
Carsten Perka highlights the broad field of complications in treating periprosthetic fractures around the hip.
The second half of the symposium was spent on vivid case discussions that lived on the active participation of the audience.
After the very inspiring symposium there was still a lot of thoughts to be shared amongst the experts.
Satisfied with the well-attended and successful joint event: AO faculty Karl Stoffel, Luigi Zagra, Pierre Hoffmeyer, Carsten Perka and Keith Mayo, framed by AO staff Larissa Welti, Christoph Volz and Arisa Wada.

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