08 September 2016

Participants highly appreciated that the symposium offered room for professional exchange.

Successful symposium at ASIA2016

Longstanding AORecon faculty Michael Huo (USA) welcomed the audience and introduced AORecon in fluent Mandarin. Huo chaired the symposium together with Youn-Soo Park (South Korea), which was open to conference participants and attracted around 50 surgeons.

Part one: focusing on periprosthetic infection

The first session on periprosthetic infection started with a lecture on the aspects of diagnosis, where Peter Chiu (Hong Kong) presented the outcome of a recently developed consensus paper. Huo then described the revision procedures. He focused on one-stage procedures and stressed the necessity of a five-year follow-up for thorough conformation of infection absence. Neil Sheth (USA) continued the session with two-stage processes. He highlighted sonification as the method of choice to disrupt the biofilm, and presented methods for coating the implant with antibiotic agents. SKS Marya (India), the current president of ASIA, outlined the methods for preventing periprosthetic infection, and placing special focus on wound dressings. Afterwards, the lecturers discussed various cases with the audience.

Part two: highlighting revisions

The second part of the symposium focused on the revision of total hip arthroplasty. This opened with a discussion of the relevant mechanism of failure, which was presented by Marya. Park then gave a case-based presentation on the issue of pain after THA and its intrinsic and extrinsic sources. Sheth gave tips and tricks for surgical exposure and hip prosthesis removal based on a systematic layer approach. The last three presentations focused on revision aspects in the femur (Park), the acetabulum—with detailed description of the press-fit technique (Chiu), and in cases of severe bone deficiencies in the acetabulum (Huo). The session concluded with case presentations by Huo and Sheth, and a Q&A session, which was open to all participants.

The AORecon session: a great success

The AORecon symposium proved to be a great success. In addition to learning ways to improve patient care in joint preservation and replacement, the participants appreciated the lively discussions and opportunities for professional exchange.



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SKS Marya, president of Arthroplasty Society in Asia (ASIA), opens the well-attended annual meeting and encourages participants to actively participate in the discussions.
SKS Marya, president of ASIA with almost 30 years of experience in the field of knee & hip replacement surgery, proves his dedication to AORecon once again and enriches the symposium with two inspiring talks.
After the event, participants take the opportunity to continue discussions with faculty members. Shown here: chairperson Michael Huo (front left), Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, USA.
Peter Chiu (left), Chief of the Division of Joint Replacement Surgery at Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong, willingly answers questions about acetabular revision.
Neil Sheth (front left), Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, USA, amplifies his statements about two-stage revision.
Chairperson Youn-Soo Park (left), Director of the Bone and Joint Center at the Samsung Medical Center in Seoul, Korea, participates in a lively debate about painful total hip replacements.

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