28 May 2014

The AO Recon logo will be appearing at numerous educational events and meetings in 2014 and 2015—and possibly beyond.

AO Recon—an initiative of the AO Foundation

The AO Foundation is extending its areas of activity and has started an initiative that focuses on joint preservation and replacement: AO Recon.

As there is no global association focusing on joint preservation and replacement, the level and quality of education within this field varies vastly from country to country. Even though several regional and local organizations exist, the AO Foundation has a unique opportunity to build on its history and build a truly global community with a unified approach to education.

The AO Recon initiative was launched at the beginning of 2014. During this time, AO Recon will focus on education, while nurturing a growing global community to support the educational activities. A group of key opinion leaders work closely with the AO Education Institute to build an AO Recon curriculum. In parallel, several educational events will be conducted in the regions. In 2014, the offering will include at least four symposia, while this number of events will be repeated or increased in 2015.

Next to the education activities, AO Recon has started to build a global community of surgeons who are working or interested in joint reconstruction and replacement. In the first phase, surgeons can get involved by subscribing to the newsletter and submitting questions, which will be answered in the newsletters.

In order to ensure a successful pilot phase, a dedicated project lead has been assigned, who will manage this AO Recon initiative. On the website, you will find further information about the initiative as well as news, events and options to get involved. In case of queries, please contact info@aorecon.org.


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