10 August 2016

Julio César Palacio templates the THA.

Tremendous run on AORecon principles course in Bogota

For the first time in Latin America, an AORecon Principles course has taken place, addressing the need for principles education in the field of total hip and knee arthroplasty. The event’s 60 seats were filled very quickly, and the waiting list included 68 people from all over Latin America who were eager to be part of this event.

Overwhelming feedback

In the post evaluation, the participants rated the lectures and speakers very high. Over 90% of the participants stated that they learned something new and plan to use it in their daily practice, and 100% stated that they would recommend the course to their colleagues.

Extended precourse

Beyond the content, the quality of the faculty body contributed to the course’s success. For the first time, the course was preceded by an extended precourse for faculty members. This included an extract from the AO Faculty Education Program, which was introduced by very experienced faculty, and well-received by the course faculty. To conclude the pre-course, chairperson Bas Masri emphasized once again the importance of teaching principles rather than products, which reflects a basic principle of the AO Foundation.

Supported by past AO president

Jaime Quintero, past AO president (2012-2014), accompanied the entire course from the planning phase to the debriefing. Therefore, the event could benefit from his wide network and profound experience. Furthermore, he was one of our symposium speakers at ELCCR.

Outlook on future courses

To respond to the huge appetite for orthopedic education in Latin America, AORecon will hold a further course in Brazil in July 2017. In 2018, AORecon will conduct two further principles in Latin America—again in Colombia, and for the first time in Argentina.



More Images

Doing templating exercises.
All 60 course participants and the 12 person faculty.
Above: Michael Huo, Víctor Lizcano, Rubén Mateus, César Rocha, chair Nicolás Restrepo, Julio César Palacio, Robert Hube, chair Bas Masri, Jaime Quintero, Daniel Schweitzer. Below: Rodrigo Fernando Pesántez, Saúl Martínez, John Byron Alzate.
Faculty during precourse meeting: Final preparations.
Course participants listen to the lecture "Bearing options in THA".
Each participant table is coached by a faculty member. Here, Robert Hube.
Case discussions are an essential part of the course.
Case discussions in small groups. Here, with faculty member John Byron Alzate.
A participant asks Saúl Martínez for advice.
Daniel Schweitzer instructs a participant how to template a THA.
Participants specify the angle of the cut.
Participants discuss their results.
Satisfied with the very positive feedback from participants and faculty: Santiago Avilés Varela (Education Coordinator AO Latin America), and Cynthia Stampfli (Manager AORecon).

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