21 October 2016

Very satisfied with the cooperation between AOTrauma and AORecon: Chairpersons Joyce Koh, Brian Lee, Carsten Perka, and Nicolaas Budhiparama, surrounded by faculty members, and AORecon manager Cynthia Stampfli.

Bringing new perspectives to SOA

AOTrauma and AORecon took the opportunity to present the various perspectives of trauma and joint replacement in a joint symposium. 

International faculty members meet local experts

On the third day of the congress, which was dedicated entirely to the AO Foundation, AORecon joined forces with AOTrauma to hold a symposium on periprosthetic fractures (PPFx) and posttraumatic reconstruction. Carsten Perka, Nicolaas Budhiparama, Karl Stoffel, and Takeshi Sawaguchi joined the local faculty consisting of MK Wong, Joyce Koh, Brian Lee, NN Lo, and Wilson Wang.

Session 1—periprosthetic fractures

Nico Budhiparama, Takeshi  Sawaguchi, and MK Wong started the symposium off with a series of generic presentations on periprosthetic fractures. Afterwards, Karl Stoffel, Carsten Perka, and NN Lo went into more detail about the actual procedures. The presented case led to such lively discussions among faculty and audience that there was no time left for other case discussions.

Session 2—posttraumatic reconstruction

The second session was chaired by Joyce Koh and Brian Lee, two well-experienced trauma surgeons located in Singapore. At this session, most of the speakers presented cases with vast deformities to illustrate the different topics of posttraumatic reconstruction. The cases were again met with great interest from the audience.

Large turnout for AORecon

The AOTrauma/AORecon joint symposium was well-received by the audience. Mostly attended by experienced trauma surgeons, the participants appreciated the interdisciplinary approach and holistic view on the subject. From an AORecon point of view, the agenda fit nicely into previous symposia about similar topics.

AORecon looks forward in continuing its strive for surgical excellence and improved patient care.



More Images

Carsten Perka (Germany) comments on THA revisions in PPFx.
Merng Koon Won (Singapore) and Carsten Perka (Germany) chair the first session about periprosthetic fractures.
Nicolaas Budhiparama (Indonesia) presents global trends and challenges in PPFx of the lower extremities.
Takeshi Sawaguchi (Japan) talks about epidemiology and classification of periprosthetic THA and TKA fractures.
MK Wong (Singapore) in his speech about risk factors and biomechanics of periprosthetic THA and TKA fractures.
Karl Stoffel (Switzerland) explains the technique of osteosynthesis in PPFx of the hip and knee.
Ngai Nung Lo (Singapore) addresses TKA revisions in PPFx.
Joyce Koh and Brian Lee (both Singapore) chair the second session about posttraumatic reconstruction.
Wilson Wang (Singapore) talks about the use of increasing constraint in TKAs, including posttraumatic etiologies.
Joyce Koh (Singapore) presents a challenging case.
Although the break was announced, the audience stayed to discuss another case.

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