03 November 2016

Faculty of the hip session. From left to right, standing: Michael Raschke (DE), Michael Schütz (DE), Reto Babst (CH). Sitting: Keith Mayo, Past AO President Suthorn Bavonratanavech (TH), John Wilber (US), Carsten Perka (DE).

Interesting twists in the debate on periprosthetic fractures at DKOU

AOTrauma and AORecon held the stimulation joint session, "Prevention and Management of Periprosthetic Fractures", which was chaired by John Wilber (AOTrauma International Board Chairperson) and Carsten Perka (AORecon Steering Board Member).

Two sessions, one on the knee, one on the hip

The morning session focused on the knee, while the afternoon session was dedicated to the hip. International experts on these subjects provided their different views regarding trauma, arthroplasty, and biomechanics, which led to interesting twists in the discussions.

Questions including: “Should a stem on the femoral component be used to prevent periprosthetic fractures?” and “How much notching is acceptable?” triggered vivid discussions among the surgeons present. It also kept the audience’s attention, with many remaining in the room until long after the session had ended.




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Faculty of the knee session: From left to right, standing: Friedrich Böttner (US), Matt Abdel (US), David Dalury (US). Sitting: Michael Morlock (DE), Past AO President Suthorn Bavonratanavech (TH), John Wilber (US), Carsten Perka (DE).
Michael Morlock (DE)...
...on biomechanics (PPFx knee).
Matt Abdel (US)...
...about risk factors (PPFx knee)
Friedrich Böttner (US)...
...on patient preparation (PPFx knee)
David Dalury (US)...
...about TKA revision (PPFx knee).
John Wilber (US)...
...on osteosynthesis (PPFx knee).
Carsten Perka (DE)...
...on infection (PPFx knee).
Suthorn Bavonratanavech (TH), Past AO President and special guest at the DKOU, lively engages in the discussion. On his left: John Wilber (US), AOTrauma International Board Chairperson.
Comprehensive standard work "Periprosthetic Fracture Management" (AO Publishing, Davos, 2014). Edited by session speakers Carsten Perka (DE) and Michael Schütz (DE). The book accumulates the latest global knowledge on periprosthetic fractures.

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